Talents of Tomorrow – Sustain Challenge

Challenge today, create a better tomorrow

With initiating “Talents of Tomorrow” Eintracht Frankfurt and Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences seek to empower the next generation of business leaders that have an eye on technology, data science, business modeling and sustainability.

For the next edition of Sustain Challenge - as part of Talents of Tomorrow initiative – we follow the call of finding new approaches to economic, social, and environmental problems of the 21st century.

What is the Sustain Challenge about?

Imagine a hackathon - but more collaborative.

The Sustain Challenge is not an exercise, nor an assignment. It is a challenge. It’s your chance to sharpen your professional competences, to get digital skills, to engage with industry professionals, to compete and collaborate with your peers, and to foster your entrepreneurial spirit!

During the program, you will work on the biggest challenges of our society: the sustainable development of our planet, our society, and our economy.

How does the learning experience look like?

Sustain Challenge is a 'digilog' format. That means, that Kick-off and Graduation Day will be on site at Eintracht Frankfurt, to get to know each other, to mingle with the corporate partners, to bond with your teammates and finally to celebrate your achievements. Tomorrows University of Applied Sciences will provide you a learning platform in the metaverse – in an on demand and virtual way – with a hands-on education on the topics of Sustainability, Entrepreneurship & Technology. Practitioners from industry leading corporates & startups share their expertise and ways to design a successful and sustainable businesses.  As the knowledge transfer happens on demand and virtual you can learn at your own pace and time availability.

You will work in teams on specific business challenges provided by participating corporate partners to experiment with learned techniques and gain hands-on experiences.

What you will learn

During the bootcamp, you will get the unique opportunity to look into classes from the degree programs of the Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences in sustainability, entrepreneurship and technology to build the knowledge base necessary to complete the challenges.

What is the time schedule? New Dates!

  1. Application phase till 2nd April 2023
  2. Feedback on application till 5th April 2023
  3. Kick-off on site at Eintracht Frankfurt: 26th April 2023
  4. Graduation on site at Eintracht Frankfurt: 24th May 2023

During the program duration there will be bi-weekly virtual check-ins with Eintracht Frankfurt and Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences to see how you and your team are moving forward or if you need any support.

What are your benefits?

  • A challenge! Experience challenge-based learning with guidance and mentorship of industry experts
  • Gain credibility and demonstrate new competencies for your CV or LinkedIn profile with a certificate and badge
  • The chance to learn new ways of thinking and grow personally
  • Opportunity to work collaboratively on challenges with your peers
  • Enlarge your professional network

Finally: Create impact and win a cash prize of € 5.000

This edition is limited to a certain number of highly motivated applicants.

How do you apply? Are you the right fit?

  • Highly motivated currently enrolled student, seeking to make an
    impact in the fields of sustainability, entrepreneurship, and technology
  • Curious, and willing to dedicate yourself to the program
  • Ambitious to solve real-life challenges
  • Good English skills are necessary